With Firemaking, you use a tinderbox on some logs to create fire which yourself and other players can use to cook food. This skill is mostly just leveled for the Firemaking skillcape as you can't really use this for anything else other than to work on achievements or to cook food.

Firemaking Equipement

Equipment Name
Tinderbox Tinderbox

Firemaking Achievements


  • Burn 50 Logs

Experience Table

Log Name Level Required Experience Given Double XP Well of Goodwill
Logs Normal logs 1
Oak logs Oak logs 18
Willow logs Willow logs 33
Maple logs Maple logs 48
Yew logs Yew logs 63
Magic logs Magic logs 78


Firemaking Hood Firemaking Cape Firemaking Cape (t)
Firemaking hood Firemaking cape Firemaking cape trimmed