Donator PiP
Regular Donator ($10-$49)

Ability to use the ::yell command

Access to Donator Island by using the command ::di

Access to the Donator Store

Access to the Symbol of life fountain to restore your special attack

5% Additional drop rate

Super Donator PiP
Super Donator ($50-$99)

All Regular Donator benefits

Access to the Super Donator Store

Access to Super Donator Island by using the command ::sdi

Access to Super Donator Island 2 by using the command ::sdi2

Access to Super Donator Island 3 by using the command ::sdi3

Access to the ::spells command which allows you to change spell books anywhere excluding the wilderness

Access to the ::recharge command which gives you the ability to restore your prayer

10% Additional drop rate

Extreme Donator PiP
Extreme Donator ($100-$299)

Legendary Donator PiP
Legendary Donator ($300-$499)

Ultimate Donator PiP
Ultimate Donator ($500-$1499)

Premium Donator PiP
Premium Donator ($1500+)