The Attack skill effects how accurate your character is with a weapon. It allows your character to wield better and more advanced weapons. The more you level up the Attack skill, the better weapons you will be able to equip.

Weapon Types

To increase your Attack efficiently, you must work your way up with different types of weapons. Some weapons are also faster and a lot stronger than others. The quality of the weapons you unlock will increase. The rarity and the value to other players will also be something players look out for. It is important to know the differences that each with has with its different attributes and specialties.

Image Name Level Required Other Requirements
Bronze dagger Bronze Weapons 1 -
Iron dagger Iron Weapons 1 -
Steel dagger Steel Weapons 5 -
Black dagger Black Weapons 10 -
Mithril dagger Mithril Weapons 20 -
Adamant dagger Adamant Weapons 30 -
Rune dagger Rune Weapons 40 -